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ABELT Anti-skid preservative for belts
ADESIVE WHITE Anti-skid preservative for belts
ALIGREASE  Food grease FDA for hard uses
ALiSBLOC  Loosing, lubricating, non-toxic, odorless product – FDA Food sector
ANTI SINT  Anti-adhesive without silicon for weldings and blow torches
ARIA JET  Coolant non-inflammable compressed air
AUTO - SIL  Polishing scented anti-smoke detergent for dashboards and plastic in general
BARRIER Dermo protective barrier cream against solvents, varnishes, oils, detergents-doesn’t grease
BIS DUE  Molybdenum disulphide based dry releasing lubricant, for high pressures and temperatures
BLANK Anti-stain protective lubricant pharmaceutical use and FDA - Food sector
CH ZINC  Over paintable fast drying zinc cold paint
CHEMAR  grasso bianco per catene resistente all'acqua e a forte pressione
 CHEMAR SL White grease for chains, water and high pressure resistant
 CHEMGREASE  White grease composed by non-melting lithium, titanium and zinc oxides also for marine use
 CHEMORANGE  Vegetable scented solvent for hard dirt and silk screen prints
 CHEMSIL  Anti adhesive releasing synthetic polishing for high temperatures
 CONTATTO  Deoxidizing cleaner for electrical and electronic devices
 COPIR  Different scents deodorant for automatic and manual timere
 CUTOIL  Extreme pressure fluid to cut, tap, thread and drill
 CUTOIL-A  Extreme pressure fluid to cut, tap, thread and drill. Water washable
 CUTOILlNOX Extreme pressure fluid to cut, tap, thread and drill. Stainless steel
 CUTOILLG Extreme pressure fluid to cut, tap, thread and drill. Yellow alloy
 DEBLOC Loosing, degreasing fast acting agent for high temperatures
 DEMOT  Anti-corrosion universal fast acting detergent
 DETERGO  Universal degreaser
 DISK  Anti screeching cleaner for brakes and pads
 DTR  Aerosol detergent, cleans, deodorizes and purifies
 ECOSPLASH  Anti adhesive for welding without silicon, not inflammable, non toxic and non harmful
 EXTRAFIL Stringy adhesive grease for special uses
 FILGREASE  Synthetic adhesive grease water resistant, high speeds and temperatures
 G 23  Non silicon and non inflammable anti-adhesive for welding
GRASSIL  Extreme pressure silicon grease
 IDROREP Electrical water resistant
 INOXLUX  Polishing detergent for stainless steel and metals. Clears glue residues and fingerprints
 INOXSTEEL Fast drying stainless steel
 I.P.M.  Purifying detergent in hydro alcohol solution with neutral ph antibacterial spray -500ml
 KLlMA Environmental purifying foam for air-conditioning/surfaces/environments with straw
 KLIMA NO FOAM Environmental purifier, detergent, deodorant for air-conditioning, surfaces, environments
 KLlMAZE Purifier enzymatic odor remover for air-conditioning, surfaces, environments
 LACAL  Micronized fast drying over paintable aluminum
 LCD LCD, plasma screen and laptop detergent
 LUBE DET Lubricant detergent creating a protective veal
 LUBRIFIL  Multi uses protective lubricant for high temperatures and presence of water
 LUBRISIL Silicon lubricant
LUBRITEF  PTFE adhesive lubricant – FDA food use
 LUXNET  Scented, anti smoke, anti mold, anti static non-silicon polishing detergent
 LUXSIL  Scented polishing detergent for wood, plastic and furnishings
 MEC 108 Fast drying non inflammable deoxidizer degreaser for electronic devices
 MOLY 100  Molybdenum disulphide grease for hard uses
 MULTILUB re leasing lubricant for high temperatures, no dust nor sludge
 MULTITEL protective hydro repellent polishing containing silicones and waxes for bicycle and motorbike frames
 NO ICE  anti ice ecologic rapid cleaner for glasses, specular surfaces and locks
 NOGRAF93  cleaner for varnish, markers and graffiti
 NOGRIP 1200  lamellar copper grease, effective up to 1000°, with anti-grip function
 NOKOL solvent to remove glues, silicons, adhesives, inks
 NOSTAT special antistatic, doesn’t grease nor stains
 NOXIL  anti adhesive non-silicon release agent for high temperatures
 P.B.K. SAFE insecticide based on pyrethrum, 250ml can.
 PLASTIM  plasticizer for tires, photopolymers, electronic files
 PROTOIL  anti corrosion silicon free protector for metals
 PROTOIL SECCO  anti corrosion silicon free fast drying protector for metals, colorless or blue
 PTFE anti corrosion silicon free fast drying protector for metals, colorless or blue
 PUR 750 SPRAY Polyurethane foam 750 ml. Glues, fixes, isolates, insulates, seals
 Q - SIL Silicon and PTFE lubricant for hard uses
 REDOX95  High protection fast drying dark zinc paint
 REMOVER PUR 750 Specific detergent for removing polyurethane foam
 RIMOX Remover for adhesives, glue, ink, marker from wood, plastic, iron, glass
 ROPOIL Remover for adhesives, glue, ink, marker from wood, plastic, iron, glass
 SBLOC 5  water repellant protective loosing lubricant detergent, also for marine use
 SCHIUMA ABRASIVA polishing abrasive detergent, with microspheres for aluminum, brass, copper, steel
 SD - 80  fast action deoxidizer and degreaser for electric components
 SGRIP loosing lubricant deoxidizer complying with military specifications
 SILCAVO protective cable sliding lubricant for cables, linings, cable runs and sheaths
 SILI EXTRA Anti-adhesive releasing silicon lubricant also for plastic molding
 SMACCHIO  stain remover for tissues, tapestry, clothes and car interiors
 SPECIAL OIL special anticorrosive anti-seizing oil for high temperatures and pressures
 SPRAYZINC  cold high resistant over-paintable zinc paint
 STOP GAS  cgas leak detector, maximum security, not inflammable spray
 SUPER INOX  stainless steel resistant to high temperatures
 TEFLU dry Teflon releasing lubricant, doesn’t grease nor stain
 TOPCHAIN  PTFE lubricant grease for ropes, cables, chains
 TOTAL 7  Loosing, detergent, degreaser, protective, lubricant, remover for glues and markers
 TRACCIO  marker for walls, wood, asphalt in various colors
 UNICOL Glue with anti obstruction valve for tissues, metals, wood, plastic, rubber, leather
 VASOIL  Nontoxic anti stain lubricant
 VISCOSIL  Viscous silicon and PTFE lubricant, food sector FDA
 WILLER  sanitizing foam detergent for tissues, tapestries, car interiors
 WIND Coolant compressed air
 WINDOWS  Detergent for glasses, specular surfaces, laptop and plastic
 WOOD  Synthetic sliding wax without silicon for wood sliding on machines
 X 390 molybdenum disulphide lubricant for ropes, cables and chains
 XMETAL  Fast drying degreaser, no traces for metal, plastic, ceramic
 XWATER  Anti stain anti adhesive waterproofing tissue, shoes, leather
 Z-SIL silicon remover




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